Friday, September 6, 2019

School days Essay Example for Free

School days Essay I feel wow pleased to write for Carmel times this time, not as a ‘Student’. It’s really a thrilling experience to write about the ‘Golden School days’. Those were the days which I am missing since half an year. It’s all due to the love and affection which I received from my alma mater, my second home, my school. Realization of the universal truth, I must say, â€Å"School is our second home† is indeed a mixed feeling. It brings happiness on my face as I have been made very strong and fit enough to survive in the competitive would ahead an d at the same time, brings tears to my eyes because of the fact that I won’t get to live ‘those days ‘ again. ‘School days’ is indeed a vast topic to write. I start my day by praying y due respect to the principal, Fr. Mathew, who is the source of inspiration and moral strength for all of us. I express my sincere thanks and gratitude to all my dear teachers, who took the place of parent and shaped the piece of mud. School days were all of fun. It wasn’t merely classes of various subjects, exams, and results but also the beginning of my life is a student. Teachers not only taught the lessons but also sharpened our abilities and cultivate excellent values through each and every word they taught. The flowers in the farm of their word adorned the creeper of my life. I learnt English, arts, plays of great writers with the same enthusiasm with which I had learnt â€Å"A B C D’ from my pre-primary teachers. Starting with the numbers, math’s always seemed a magic till the end. Learning my mother tongue, Marathi in a convenient school was a thrilling experience . ti is simply impossible to forget the Hindi and Sanskrit classes. Science connected me with past happiness and Geography took me across the globe indeed. Other than academics subjects my school provided me all opportunities of all extra – curricular activities. I was guided, inspired and at the same time my ears pulled when I did something wrong and was brought back to the path of goodness. It is needless to express my gratitude towards all my friends and classmates. They were the one who made my days wow enjoyable and memorable. They always stood with me through thick and thin and gave the warmth of real friendship and brotherhood keeping aside all our likes and dislikes. Playing with them, having lunch with them, but chatting was all of fun. Many misunderstandings and contradiction took place but they were all to make the bond between us more stronger†¦Ã¢â‚¬ ¦Ã¢â‚¬ ¦. So, there’s lot to write but I take a Pause what I want to tell you is, live your School days to the maximum. Store all what is good and see the change in your life. Respect and obey all your teachers for they always wish and pray for your betterment. Keep a healthy atmosphere among all your classmates which will help you in your tears, mould your personality and indeed a great success, live each how of these days. Piyush mundada.

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