Tuesday, September 10, 2019

Processing the Crime Scene and Establishing Identity Essay - 3

Processing the Crime Scene and Establishing Identity - Essay Example However, when using this method the investigator must be careful not to overdevelop the finger prints. 2. There are many types of evidence in crime investigation that should be documented, collected and preserve. The impressions such as finger prints and forensic biology such blood, and body fluid must also be collected. The trace evidences and firearms evidences which include gun powder patterns are needed. Lastly, the question documents must be kept safe. When documenting, collecting and preserving evidence of the crime scene we must make sure that we follow local, state and federal laws for collection and admissibility. The evidences such as drugs, paraphernalia or personal property shall be recorded, collected, and safeguarded in presence of a witness. The investigator shall also participate in the scene debriefing to make sure that responsibilities are well communicated especially those that are post-scene. There should also be markings of the detectives because this will be used in trial and this is the way to prevent any contamination of the evidences and assure that the evidences presented are

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