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History (Otto von Bismarck) Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2750 words

History (Otto von Bismarck) - Essay Example t on German and International politics through out his tenure and even posthumously his influence hovered around the diplomatic arena of Germany often impacting the foreign relations. Otto Von Bismarck was born on 1st April 1815 at Schà ¶nhausen, Brandenberg, Prussia. Bismarck was from an aristocratic family and both his father and mother were from noble blood. The military background of his father and the political background of his mother unified at an optimum level within Bismarck and in later period of life helped him to excel in life. Bismarck completed his schooling at the Friedrich-Wilhelm and Graues Kloster secondary schools. Thereafter he went to University of Gottingen (1832-33) to study law and later enrolled himself in University of Berlin (1833-35). Bismarck had a brief career in law and as a soldier but returned to his family estate following his mother’s death. In 1847 he married Johanna von Puttkammer and their happy married life reproduced three children, two boys and a daughter. Till his marriage there was almost no sign that this man one day will become one of the father figures of modern Germany. Rather his education and sophistication caught eyes as he was comfortable in English, German and Russian. He was also well versed in Shakespeare and Byron and used to quote them in his letters. It was in the year of his marriage that he became an elected member of newly formed Prussian legislature and owing to his conservative Lutheran background he shared an image of reactionary and royalist politician. His loyalty to the monarchy can be easily gauged from the fact that he was an open advocate of the ideology that god has entrusted the divine right to rule on the monarchy. If Bismarck’s election as a legislative member in Prussia is considered as his introduction to politics then year 1848 might be considered as the first step to famous hood. In 1848 a revolution swapped Germany and the king soon found him self to be safe only around the military

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