Friday, March 13, 2020

A Teenagers Challenge Professor Ramos Blog

A Teenagers Challenge As a teenager, learning how to drive a vehicle is one of the most difficult and exciting challenges. Ever since I was younger, I always had a fear about driving a car and the open road. I would always watch my father when he was driving, so that I could learn. But someday I knew that the time would come when I would practice driving and have my own vehicle. When I was seventeen, I made the decision that I wanted to learn how to drive. Likewise, before I could get into the aspects of driving I would have to first get my permit. In order to do so, I had to complete 30 hours in an online drivers ed course named mycaliforniapermit. On this course, it basically taught me about the details of the road. For instance, how to switch lanes, proper speed, and also what specific signs meant. After each chapter, I would take a test and If I did good I would move forward. After two months, I had completed all the requirements of the driver’s ed course. In order to take my permit test, I would have to go to a place that nobody enjoys, the â€Å"DMV.† After forty minutes of waiting in line, I was able to take my permit test. I remember feeling very anxious before the test. Realizing, that if I would get my permit, I could start driving. I took the exam, and got four questions incorrect, at this point I really thought I would fail. Instead, I remained calm and proceeded to answering the last 36 questions correctly. A fter passing the test, I   was excited and now realized that I can begin to practice driving with my father. Moreover, my father drove me with his 2007 blue Ford Explorer to an empty parking lot of Kimberly Elementary. As he had agreed to teach me about the basics of driving a car. First off, we switched seats and he taught me about the basics of the car. For instance, in order to drive I would have to hit the break and then shift the gears. He also told me, â€Å" Only use blinkers when turning, and also to go slowly with the gas pedal until you get used to it.† After the basic fundamentals he told me to drive around the parking lot. It was a very weird feeling at first, because you are moving about two tons of metal with the push of your foot. After driving up and down the parking lot, I began to think that driving is actually not that hard. Suddenly, my father said, â€Å"Now let’s try to park the vehicle.†I remember that I kept parking the vehicle over the line, but after a few tries, my parking was perfect. It made me realize that when you think about something too much, you make mistakes. When you make mistakes, you will only become better at whatever you are trying to accomplish. In addition, after a couple days of practicing in the parking lot my father said it was time to hit the open road. We drove around the city as my dad was like a coach. When I would make a fast turn, he would get mad and tell me â€Å"to make a slower and precise turn.† One day I was driving and I was going 20 mph faster than the posted speed limit. My father got mad, and said â€Å"if you ever speed like this you would automatically fail exam.† Every time he said something I realized that accepting criticism is what makes us smarter. Sometimes we can be self-centered, and that’s where we become cocky. After a few weeks, I was able to drive around the city of Redlands with ease. I made sure I was going the appropriate speed, using my blinkers, keeping space between vehicles, and using my mirrors. Now I would realize that the next thing would be to get my license. Furthermore, after six months of practicing it was now time for me to take my driver’s test. This would mean, I would have to go back to the annoying DMV. It was a cold Friday morning, and my dad was driving me to the DMV. I remember feeling a little nervous that I might fail. My dad told me, â€Å"When you take your test, just remember the practice† After we checked off paperwork with the front desk, I drove the car to the testing lane and waited for the instructor to come. When the instructor came, she said â€Å"turn your car off,†Ã‚   so that she can check the car and also test my knowledge. She asked me to turn my blinkers on, hit the breaks, and also show her arm signals. Finally, she was in the car with me and from that point she told me where to drive. I drove away from the DMV, and everything was going smooth until I had made, one mistake. My instructor told me to make a turn at a turn lane, and I slightly went passed it. My instructor was furious, and s aid, â€Å"DID YOU NOT HEAR ME?† At this point, I realized that I might have just failed the test already. I replied, and said â€Å"I’m sorry I didn’t hear your correctly.† We proceeded to drive, as in my mind I thought that I had failed the test from that point. She then told me to park on the side of the road, and said, â€Å"Ok now back-up in a straight line.† This was probably the most easiest part of the test. After this, we had returned back to the main road and finally back to the DMV.   I was nervous that I might have failed, but she said â€Å"Congratulations† and gave me a paper that said I had passed with 10 errors. I was extremely excited, because I thought I had failed the test after my mistake. Sometimes, when we expect something to be bad, it turns out to be good.   Hence after passing the test, I finally had the feeling of driving a car all by myself. It is one of the best feelings for a teenager the first time hitting the road by yourself. I realized driving was simple now, because of the fact that I had practiced so many times on how to drive with my father. If it wasn’t for my father’s criticism, I would have probably never got my license. As a senior in high-school I was driving back and forth to school, which was one of the greatest feelings. After all, driving can be one of the most difficult challenges for a teenager. Every teen wants the feeling of having their own vehicle. In order to do so, we have to realize that learning how to drive requires patience and dedication. I’m glad that I had passed my driver’s test, and not have to worry about this obstacle anymore. In life, it’s good to make mistakes and accept criticism, because its what makes us better.

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