Tuesday, February 25, 2020

Action research and organizational development Essay

Action research and organizational development - Essay Example It has been realized that the motivation to change is strongly linked to action and is therefore an important aspect in the general organizational development. In any case, change in the organization has to be effective and permanent. People are more likely to adopt new ways when they become active in the decisions affecting them. The initial stage of change is always the unfreezing stage whereby a person in the organization will realize the need for change. In this case, a situation within the organization will basically trigger an individual to find a solution to an existing challenge in the organization. In the next step, the change process is actually done in the most appropriate way. However, considering the need to ensure that the best change process is realized, new models of behavior will always be diagnosed and tested in order to provide the best alternative for the challenge at hand. The third stage is always the refreezing stage where the application of the new behavior is basically evaluated before it is reinforced within the organization. The adoption process follows and the change can subsequently be realized. In this regard, it is seen that action research is certainly a cyclical process of change which is driven by the need to make the organization better at all times.

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