Thursday, August 1, 2019

A College Degree Is Not Worth It Essay

What is a college degree worth 50,000, $150,000, $300,000? The real question should be is a college degree really worth it? A lot of students go into college not knowing what to expect, or not knowing what to do. College degrees are made of paper, the importance of these degrees are valued by all the hard work you put in. There are several reasons why a college degree is not worth it. A college degree can be connected with negative associations. Getting a degree is like getting married. It’s a big decision someone has to make. There’s a lot of  cost, a lot of ups and downs, and it can be very stressful. Someone shouldn’t just go to college because they see everyone attending college after high school. The main number one reason why everyone wants to get a college degree is because they believe once they finish college they’ll have a better employment rate rather than someone without one. According to Not All College Majors Are Created Equal, by Michelle Singletary â€Å"the highest unemployment rate for recent graduates is generally the highest in architecture (13. 9 percent), then in non- technical majors, such as arts (11.1 percent), humanities and liberal arts (9. 4 percent), social science (8. 9 percent), finally law and public policy (8. 1 percent). † Having a degree is not automatically doing to get you a job, but most graduates are working in a job that does not require a degree. Focusing so much on college and perusing the goal of earning a degree can impact your social life. For many accomplishing a degree is not only a must but it becomes part of their life from sunrise to sunset. They start losing touch with reality, friends, and everyday activities. It is as if your life only has  one signal meaning that is, your college degree. College requires so many sacrifices because you have to have time to study for exams and getting your homework done. Not having a college degree doesn’t mean that someone won’t become successful. There have been a lot of people in this world that become very successful without a degree. For example: the CEO of Coca cola, Walt Disney, Steve Jobs, and many more. A degree does not make you the richest person in the world. There are many roads for an education rather than just attending college for a degree. Many people succeed without college degrees.

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