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Job Selection Process Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2500 words

Job Selection Process - Assignment Example So, we need to ponder on the different meanings regarding "validity". One renowned and cited one is: "An account is valid or true if it represents accurately those features of the phenomena, that it is intended to describe, explain or theories" (Hamersley in 1987) (1) It means that what we are trying to measure is accurate or not. And the other is that whether the means of assessment is actually measuring what it needs to measure. Face validity, part of validity, is seeing to it that a particular test really measuring the criteria and phenomena. For the selection of an employee, there is a process which includes Job Analysis, Recruitment and Selection. Job analysis is the analysis of the job and to see what the job needs, Ability, skills, work experience that a job needs and the nature of the job. The job analysis is there to make job description list and job specification list so that a perfect employee could be found for the organization. So the question is how to find a good employee. Well, there are different procedures and ways to test the ability of the person regarding the job. Now these tests are very important but we don't know that do these tests really give you of what you looking for So to check the test's ability to measure is done b y validity. We will discuss this more after discussing reliability so that both are clear in your mind. Now coming to the definition of the "Reliability", we talk in our ... Now coming to the definition of the "Reliability", we talk in our every day life that this is reliable and that is reliable. Isn't it We say that is this source of the news is reliable or not We say that my friend is a reliable person or that thing is reliable, meaning that some thing is dependable, reliable or trustworthy. But this meaning can not fit into the research meaning of reliability. So in research the word reliability means to be consistent and repeated like if you are giving a test than you would get same answer again and again. Let's take an example of a non reliable measuring device. The measuring of the characteristics of the people is needed in the personnel selection to determine that who will be accepted for the job openings and who will be not. For instance we might be interested in knowing the physical characteristics of the applicant. For example we want to measure the height of the applicant; we might start of with a 12 inch ruler. The first applicant turns out to be 6feet and 1 inch tall. It would not be shocking to see that another person who measures the same applicant's height gives the result of 6 feet 1 and 12/16 inches an hour later. Than the same candidate when measured the other day comes out to be 6 feet 1 and 14/16 inches tall. Now although the person's height is stable but we are getting different answers. Why This is because the measurement device is not perfectly reliable. And there are slight errors in the results. (Writer: William M.K. Trochim. Last revised on: 10/20/2006) We can now achieve a formal definition: "the variance of the measure" (William M.K. Trochim, last revised on 20th October 2006). (3) Here we can also look at different definition cited by different writes around the world. For instance Black and

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